Laški rovt Campsite

A unique campsite right in the heart of the Julian Alps.


Laški Rovt is a unique campsite right in the heart of the Julian Alps. The big meadow surrounded by forest is only 1200 meters from Lake Bohinj and the center of the town of Bohinj. They are only 10 minutes walking distance away, connected by a shady walking path. The campsite is divided into four terraces and features portable fire pits. There is a creek right next to it, but there is potable water from the public water supply, as well as showers and a number of portable toilets. The camp can be fitted for electricity if necessary. Laški Rovt can accommodate up to 150 people.
In the summer, the camp often hosts a number of smaller groups from different corners of Europe and Slovenia, which creates a special atmosphere in Laški Rovt in the summer, creating an interesting international and multicultural experience for the participants.
There are plenty of opportunities for hiking, swimming, bouldering, cycling, canoeing. and entertaining campfire evenings.
The exact location of the Laški Rovt campsite on Google Maps.
The campsite GPS coordinates are: N 46°16.039, E 013°53.698.



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The campsite fee is 5.7 EUR per person per night. Larger groups qualify for discounts: groups of over 50 get a 15%; groups over 100 get a 30% discount.

The campsite fee includes:
• campsite space hire,
• drinking water for cooking, drinking and washing,
• hire and cleaning of the portable (chemical) toilets (1 per 10–15 people, one weekly cleaning),
• separate waste collection.

The groups are required to:
• bring their own tents, kitchen, and other equipment;
• order firewood for campfires and cooking. Gathering firewood in the surroundings is not allowed, except kindling. The minimal amount of firewood (depends on the group size and camp duration) is added to the fee. Additional firewood can be ordered at least 14 days before arriving at the campsite.

Renting the Laški Rovt campsite requires previous reservation.